Remember when you came up with that killer idea x number of months/years ago? WOW! That was a good idea right? Or, have you forgotten just how good?

If you're anything like me, you're a goal setter. You make up your mind. You get psyched! You get lots of stuff done that you said you would! But then every once in a while you lose it, and then the doubt sets in: "I can't do this." or "I just don't want to today."

KILL THE NEGATIVITY! You're amazing. Your ideas are perfect. Do not spend another moment clinging to your doubts. Instead, make a conscious decision to replace your thoughts with new and exciting ones! Everyone gets to this place at one point or another. The solution is to notice when you're heading down this dark tunnel. Notice it's happening, and kill it quick! 


A Few "PICK-ME-UPS" (Besides your coffee)

You may be saying to yourself, "OK Jess, how do I get out of my I-am-a-failure-funk?" Well, I'm happy to share my personal strategies that give my goals the kick that they need. 


1. Get moving.
The biggest motivator for me is to get going... I take a dance class. I walk my dog. I go to the gym. I lift heavy things and put them down. Feeling physically strong empowers me, therefore gets me in a great headspace with my goals. So go try that yoga class! Go for a run! You're paying for that gym membership anyway... might as well right? 


2. The perfect playlist.
I spend a lot of time in my car, and instead of dreading it, I use it to my advantage. It's forced alone time, which allows me to meditate on my goals, and listen to music that gets me re-focused. So go ahead and find some tunes that have an empowering message! Make your playlist and give it an epic title that means something to you! My playlist is titled "Keep Going." 


3. A good book.
One of my favorite books is, "You Are A Badass" by Jen Sincero. I have bought this book for several of my close friends. It's funny, it's enlightening, it's self analyzing, and ultimately makes you feel like a bad... well, you know. If you don't take life too seriously, and want another tool to get motivated again, I recommend it!



Losing sight of your goals is tough. My advice? Come up with your own exit strategy, or try mine! Arm yourself with a few ways to pull your mind out of all that negativity, and discover your goals one more time. YOU GOT THIS... and even better... you aren't alone in it either. 



So... there is such thing as dream projects.. and this logo and web project was a blast, simply because it's SO GIRLY!!! :)

Perfect lashes and brows is such a modern day obsession, and that is where I drew my inspiration: pop art, stunning pastels, contrasting fonts, clean photography, functional design. 

If you're in the South Charlotte area, pop into Venus Brows & Lashes and they'll fix you up!


One of my many loves is a good design challenge. I was specifically hired to create an orchestra t-shirt that would look "cool." Though I have a deep and meaningful relationship with music (no sarcasm here, I LIVE for music!)... you can imagine my self doubt. Create a cool t-shirt? For an orchestra? Challenge accepted. 

My approach was just a single colored graphic T that would appeal to the taste of MOST teens. I didn't say "all teens" ;)   But my hopes it that I made the majority fall in love with their new Brentwood Orchestra T-shirt and they proudly wear it in the hallways in Nashville, TN


A complete visual rebranding project! 

Charlotte Swim Academy and I are working towards a fresh and contemporary look that reflects their professional, knowledgeable, yet kid friendly services and facility. See the visual board as well a poster design. Expect to see flyers and a new website soon! 




Class Offerings Form


Selecting fonts that compliment one another can be tricky, and although pairing type is fun, it runs a high risk for mistakes. In the design world, rules can be bent and broken; however I do have a few tips that will guide you in how to happily marry fonts, and send you on the way to blissful design!

Begin your journey of pairing fonts like a pro with these 4 steps:


You want your selections to compliment one another. They can’t be too similar, but neither should they be so different that they clash. Some may say it’s like relationships, meaning opposites attract! A font with a lot of personality, style, or uniqueness would be paired well with something more neutral, simple, and conservative. Some design elements to consider when looking for fonts with contrast are size, weight, style, spacing, kerning, leading, and color just to name a few!

Let’s take look at the first block. “Nickainley” is a graceful font with curved lines and large size. It complements the subtle font “Nevis Bold,” contrasting elegantly with the straight lines and smaller type.

Be careful here. Differences in size will not necessarily be the success to pairing fonts. The second block contains two fonts of the same size, but a clear difference in style.

Would “Nickainley” and “Spiff” be a good match? Under the right context perhaps, but just to play it safe I would advise against this. Both are script fonts with similar characteristics in line quality, tone, and height. Remember, contrast is the secret ingredient to happily paired fonts!


2. Keep the number low

Limit the number of fonts in a design. Playing it safe, your best bet is to keep the selection to 3 or less. Like I said in the beginning, rules can be broken! Although certain projects may call for more, in the end, your overall goal should be harmony not clutter.

3. Hierarchy

Layout isn’t the only design element that can establish hierarchy. Fonts can easily do the same job. Your chosen fonts will need to each have their own “job” or purpose to create a clear hierarchy. Decide on what information is essential. Your selection should make that content stand out at first glance.

4. Have a Purpose

Before pairing fonts, ask yourself “Do these convey the purpose of my design?” When browsing fonts, it’s easy to get caught up in the volume of choices. Don’t let personal style or preference get in the way of what’s appropriate. Is the selection supporting your brand? All font choices should communicate the purpose of your design and align with your brand’s overall tone.

At the end of the day we want our content to be read; therefore, function weighs more than the aesthetics of font, even though the look is what captures attention. Of course, type should pleasing and eye catching, but purpose takes priority.

The next time you’re creating a graphic, designing a web page, or posting a blog, remember these four steps. Rules can be broken, but under the right circumstance and context. To ensure a successful fit, ask yourself if they’re fulfilling their purpose in the design. Are the number of font choices appropriate and functional? Is there an established hierarchy and enough contrast between fonts? With these questions as a guide, you’re well on your way to better design and more compelling content. Happy pairing!


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